Server Online!

I’m proud and happy to announce that Paragon Expanse, my 64 player Empyrion Galactic Survival server is going online and public. This is a game I’ve toyed with since it was first put on steam and the progress has been significant.

Vxsote and I have been active in the forums and community and I’m very please that the Eleon dev team actively monitors the forums and listens to suggestions and bug reports. It’s clear that this team cares about the community and their player base.

Some of you are going to ask, how does this compare to Space Engineers. It’s not as pretty (but getting better each major update) and it has arcade physics. Other than that, every other aspect of the game is better. You can build bigger, there are survival aspects (radiation, temperature, food, etc). There are POI (points of interest) that regenerate and that you can raid. It feels like more of a game.

I really enjoy this game and I’m glad to be back at doing something I enjoy. I hope you old Fountain Core guard members give it a shot.

I will be actively looking for in game moderators to assist in the daily operations of the server. I’m also looking for players willing to write guides on the website or protips. ┬áIf that is something your interested in please contact me on Discord.

Be sure to visit the rules, FAQ, and server information pages for the best possible experience and to see the starter planet wipe schedules.

We are running over at Carrier-One in Dallax, TX on an E5-1650V4 on a 1Gbps link.



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