Vote Rewards Modified / Bio Chemical Compound Reference

Vote rewards have been modified a bit, mostly increases.

Also, in case you missed it in the patch notes here is a good reference sheet to help figure out what plants do what.

BioChemical compound reference (not visible ingame!)
Anti Parasite – Alien Thorn
Anti Parasite Amplifier – Alien Tooth
Anti Poison – Opuntia Cactus
Anti Poison (Strong) – Varon Root
Anti Poison Amplifier – Phoenix Fern Frond
Anti Radiation – Alien Spike Lemon
Anti Radiation Amplifier – Spiky Mushroom
Injection supplement – Purified Water
Chem. Amplifier T1 – Confetti Moss Scrapings
Chem. Amplifier T2 – Fire Moss Scrapings
Chemical Health T1 – Alien Plasma ZR1
Chemical Health T2 – Alien Plasma T6
Global Amplifier – Cobra Leaves
Global Amplifier (Strong) – Alien Parts
Global BioMed – Pixie Stalk Bundle
Open Wound Amplifier – Alien Honey
Open Wound – Aloe Vera
Stamina Amplifier – Brafus Fungi
Stamina – Kavae Beans
Tissue (Strong) – Plant Fibers
Tissue (weak) – Seaweed

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