Paragon Expanse 8.0 Information

This post is hopefully the first in a bunch of posts that will be coming up over the next couple of weeks.

I will begin making changes to the website now to reflect what will be upcoming in version 8.

As it sits as of RC1, you can’t specify custom planet icon shapes. The options are there but have no impact on the sector map. This means I can’t designate PVP, PVE, Starter, etc from the playfield map.  If this does not change, the new map on the website will feature colored circles around the playfields to designate their type.

The custom block changes that I implemented will be removed for now.  They may come back along with other block changes depending on how 8.0 plays.

I am unsure if voterewards and “king of the hill” game modes will function right away after the release of 8.  Expect these to be disabled initially but I do expect to have them sorted after a few weeks.

All planet names will change, including starter planets and starter planet types.

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