8.2 Information

With the release of 8.2, core count limits are going to be dramatically increased. No one is entirely sure yet how well things will perform with the new grid loading mechanics.  How will Paragon Expanse handle it?

New PvE Added

I added an additional PvE planet. The reasoning is pretty simple.

Grid limits exist in PvE playfields. You can not have over a certain amount of BA, SV, and HV cores on all PvE playfields. With the existing limits in place, which are low, and most…

Auto Miners - Disabled due to bug

At the midnight reboot tonight auto miners will be disabled. I’m doing this because auto miner depletion is bugged. It works correctly on some deposit types but not others, allowing people to just farm mass amounts of ore.

I will re-enable them after the bug is corrected by Eleon.