All wipes run monthly on specific days at 7:00AM CST. See the list below:

  • 1st: Hopi
  • 8th: Serkis
  • 16th Gorganous
  • 24th: Xolsia
There is no automatic scheduled wipe for these. If core count gets to high there will be a manual wipe with a 5 day notice if possible.
Since 6.0 you have to discover them by warping to adjacent planets.
When planet area files have gotten too large due to massive amounts of digging, there may be terrain and manual POI resets.

If possible, there will be a 5 day warning prior to a reset of terrain/pois.
No, you can not. Starter planets are for beginners. The only exception to this is the Daedalus system. There are other PvE systems that you can go to. 
You can type cb:reset in chat to start completely over.
You must have video evidence. You can send a message on Discord.
Decay Time: 96 Hours
Wipe Time: 504 Hours
Offline Protect Time: 36 Hours
Offline Protection Delay: 10 Minutes
AntiGrief Distance PvE: 30 Meters
AntiGrief Distance PvP: 300 Meters
PvP Intruder Log On