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Auto Miners - Disabled due to bug

At the midnight reboot tonight auto miners will be disabled. I’m doing this because auto miner depletion is bugged. It works correctly on some deposit types but not others, allowing people to just farm mass amounts of ore.

I will re-enable them after the bug is corrected by Eleon.

New Moderators

Please welcome Drd & Rattie as Paragon Expanse’s new moderators.

Moderators do not have admin access. They are first points of contact for issues and problems. Their role is to help players and to be “level one” help. They have no restrictions o…

Version 8 Release Information

I’m unsure of the exact timing of the 8.0 release so I can’t give specific timing information regarding the upgrade.  If you want to make blueprints of your CVs, HVs, and SVs, I suggest you do this now and keep them up to date.

When 8 is released, depending on the time of day, the server will be down for a few hours while I get everything ready. During this time period the server may go up and down several times while I finalize everything. I suggest that you wait for my post here before attempting to play. I expect to have it done the day of the release.

Vote Rewards Modified / Bio Chemical Compound Reference

Vote rewards have been modified a bit, mostly increases.

Also, in case you missed it in the patch notes here is a good reference sheet to help figure out what plants do what.

BioChemical compound reference (not visible ingame!)
Anti Parasite – Alien Thorn
Anti Parasite Amplifier – Alien Tooth
Anti Poison – Opuntia Cactus
Anti Poison (Strong) – Varon Root
Anti Poison Amplifier – Phoenix Fern Frond
Anti Radiation – Alien Spike Lemon
Anti Radiation Amplifier – Spiky Mushroom
Injection supplement – Purified Water
Chem. Amplifier T1 – Confetti Moss Scrapings
Chem. Amplifier T2 – Fire Moss Scrapings
Chemical Health T1 – Alien Plasma ZR1
Chemical Health T2 – Alien Plasma T6
Global Amplifier – Cobra Leaves
Global Amplifier (Strong) – Alien Parts
Global BioMed – Pixie Stalk Bundle
Open Wound Amplifier – Alien Honey
Open Wound – Aloe Vera
Stamina Amplifier – Brafus Fungi
Stamina – Kavae Beans
Tissue (Strong) – Plant Fibers
Tissue (weak) – Seaweed