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Alpha 7 is here!

With the release of Alpha 7 there were some changes.

  • The starter planets are true to their difficulty level. Easy is well, easy. Even easier during the first wipe starter cycle due to a better starter kit. After the first cycle the starter kit contents will be decreased.
  • You can now warp back to your starter planets.
  • Trading Outpost Alpha has the top gun mission available. Follow the instructions at the admin station.
  • The universe was moved around a bit to accommodate limited sv warping.
  • All starters only wipe one per month.
  • Max BP size increased to 10
  • Other small changes that I can’t think of!

Alpha 7 Release

Alpha 7 is supposed to be released on 10/19/17. RC1 will be released 10/15. After the release of RC1 the server will be on and off while we get ready for the release of Alpha 7. Expect a lot of changes to the universe.

The ability to warp back to your starter planet being one of them.

Alpha 7 Survival Pack

With Alpha 7 right around the corner and a wipe looming I want to make everyone aware that for the first two weeks after the wipe for Alpha 7 there will be a survival pack available to help everyone get back on their feet. You do not have to use it if you do not want to but if you do it will make early game very short and easy. Most ore types will be available, an advanced constructor, t2 drill, etc.

After two weeks I will remove it and it will not longer be available.

After the wipe you can use “cb:survival” to get your pack. You only use it once.

Alpha 7 Changes *Updated*

When Alpha 7 is released the Paragon Expanse universe will undergo a few changes.

  • Start planets will be spread across the universe and will allow you to return.
  • The trade station play-fields will be removed and the stations will be placed in the PvE planet orbits.
  • The planets, orbits, and moons with extreme conditions will be moved far away from the starter planets.
  • The planets, orbits, and moons with extreme conditions will also have their conditions slightly modified to not be as harsh.
  • The PvP starter will be changed to a more normal start. To many people start here and give up and don’t come back. No amount of warnings seems to take care of that.


Starter Planet Changes

The three easy difficulty starter planets will no longer spawn drones that attack player structures. Hopefully this will make it just a tad easier to get going for those who wish to have the easy start. However these changes won’t go into effect until the regularly scheduled wipe of the planet in question.