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POI Capture - King of the hill style gameplay

I’m experimenting with a new mod.

On Vinea, there are POIs that have a name beginning with the word “capture”. These POIs will return items every few minutes for as long as you’re faction owns the core. What’s returned is dependent on the type of POI. Ore processing POIs will return ingots or ore. Steel factory will return things related to steel.

The objective of this is to defend and hold those POIs. Offline protection is not permitted on those POIs and if discovered your core will be removed and your faction penalized.

Currently these only exist on Vinea, I may expand them as the durability of the mod is proven.

The planet will be reset on a bi-weekly schedule.

New Orbit

Hey everyone,

There is a new orbit, Xenu Shipping Lanes, that contain several warship and cargo ships. These are not your typical NPCs and will be harder to defeat than normal NPCs. This orbit will reset daily on the midnight CST restart.

Automatic nonvisted structure wipe details

The vanilla game has a mechanism to wipe structures if they are not “visited”. What does visited mean? Visiting the structure, at the very least, requires you to walk on the structure. Moving stuff around in cargo and turning it on/off are not valid to reset the visited time stamp.

I don’t really care for this mechanic the way it is but it is what it is and at least now you know what you have to do.

Alpha 7 is here!

With the release of Alpha 7 there were some changes.

  • The starter planets are true to their difficulty level. Easy is well, easy. Even easier during the first wipe starter cycle due to a better starter kit. After the first cycle the starter kit contents will be decreased.
  • You can now warp back to your starter planets.
  • Trading Outpost Alpha has the top gun mission available. Follow the instructions at the admin station.
  • The universe was moved around a bit to accommodate limited sv warping.
  • All starters only wipe one per month.
  • Max BP size increased to 10
  • Other small changes that I can’t think of!